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Outstanding results from Dorletako Ama youth cycling team, whose main sponsor is JMA

Outstanding results from Dorletako Ama youth cycling team, whose main sponsor is JMA

May 19 2023

The Dorletako Ama cycling team began the new competition season in March by presenting 21 cyclists in the Benjamín (Under 9s & 10s), the Alevín (Under 11s & 12s) and the Infantil (Under 13s & 14s) categories. Since then, these riders have been doing very well indeed in the 2023 season. 

For yet another year, JMA is backing youth sport by sponsoring and supporting the local teams from Arrasate/Mondragón, the town where the company’s headquarters are located. These teams include the Dorletako Ama youth cycling team, once again demonstrating its extremely high level among teams in the Basque Country.  

Several victories this season already

The Dorletako Ama riders are enjoying some excellent results, winning top spots at the Gipuzkoa championships held in Irun, Tolosa, Mendaro, Zumaia and Azkoitia. It is worth highlighting that the JMA-Dorletako Ama team won all three podium places in the Under 13s & 14s girls’ category at the competition held in Mendaro.

These great results foreshadow an excellent season for the team from Arrasate. JMA has reconfirmed its commitment to local youth sport and its clubs, which bring outstanding social and sports value to the town.



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