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“HERMES”, a project enabling the complete digital transformation of JMA

“HERMES”, a project enabling the complete digital transformation of JMA

January 01 2024

The “HERMES” project has emerged from the strategic analysis undertaken by JMA revealing a need to boost its leadership position in the sector through significant product and process innovation. 

JMA must develop its technological and management capabilities to tackle the demands stemming from this strong drive towards innovation. Project HERMES will therefore have an impact on the digitalisation of JMA by supporting the implementation of its in-house project in that regard. In turn, that project is based on a specific internal digitalisation roadmap for JMA manufacturing processes that uses “Business Architecture” capable of supporting the Lean Industry 4.0 hybrid model.

The overall objective for the “HERMES” R&D Project is to develop, implement and roll out a series of applicative digital solutions that will follow a specific digitalisation roadmap. This should be understood as a process of innovation and change within the organisation that stems from the integration of digital technologies and services applied to JMA manufacturing processes. It will be based on the creation of horizontal value networks of a strategic nature that will integrate all business processes within the productive value chain from start to finish in order to obtain significant improvements in the critical variables regarding competitive performance by the company.
This venture is being supported by aid from the Basque government for applications from the HAZITEK Business R&D Support Programme being run by the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Regional Government of the Basque Country, which is partially funded through the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF). 


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