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Product lines

JMA describes itself as a provider of global security solutions. It has four main product lines that include over 80,000 different items


JMA is the leading European key manufacturer with a production capacity of 2,500,000 keys per day worldwide for both residential use and vehicles. Manufacturing is further subdivided into two markets: replacement and the OEM channel (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The world’s leading lock manufacturers trust in JMA to manufacture their keys due to our quality, experience, and production and logistics capacity.

The JMA keys catalogue includes thousands upon thousands of different key products and can be found online at ecatalogo.jma.es. This catalogue is a living document and is updated almost daily.

Key duplication machines and software

The JMA range of mechanical and electronic machines for key and access point control duplication is equally extensive. These machines are capable of copying practically any key that exists, regardless of category (flat, high-security, mortice, cross, sidewinder, proximity, etc.) and use (residential, automotive, etc.).

Thousands of professionals all over the world use JMA machines for their precision, reliability, suitability and all the latest technological advancements they include.

JMA develops its machines using proprietary technology via its Engineering and R&D Department, which works with pioneering solutions in the market. A fine example of the work coming out of this department is the first cloud-based app for key duplication: JMACloudPro. Professionals can use this app to securely save a record of any copies they make for their customers, import key mastering plans and much more.

Check out the JMA catalogue of duplicator machines by clicking here.
Remote controls and apps for duplicating original remote controls

JMA is a benchmark brand in the field of remote controls for garage doors, gates and other access points.

Its models are capable of copying 95% of the fixed code original remote controls in the market and over 40 brands that use Rolling Code technology. Furthermore, the in-house development of technology by JMA means its remote controls can be adapted to suit the needs and characteristics of different markets.

At JMA, our constant search for innovation in remote control technology has led the company to develop products linked to mobile technology. Hence the creation of smartphone apps for remote control duplication (JMARemotesPro) and for opening doors using a mobile (JMARemotesUser or JMARemoteSlim).

All the available remote controls, their features and copying tutorials can be found in the online catalogue at remotes.jma.es.

Transponder Technology

JMA’s experience in the car key transponder chip market makes it the only company capable of copying or cloning encrypted transponders using transponders developed in-house.

JMA transponders can be used to copy keys from all the main motor vehicle manufacturers in the world and have been adapted to meet the technical requirements of the main markets, including Europe and the United States.

The brand also offers machines for transponder key duplication developed using its own proprietary technology. JMA is different from other brands in the market because its proprietary technology means it does not need to depend on extra peripherals for copying these chips.

The JMA transponder catalogue can be found here, as well as the catalogue of car key fobs from the brand. All the transponder keys produced by the company can also be found in the online catalogue at ecatalogo.jma.es.


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