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Social commitment

Social commitment

A company cannot be understood without its values and the environment in which it does business. That’s why social commitment is an important pillar for JMA in its business, both internally and externally.

Internally, the brand highlights the commitment from its people. This is a two-way connection between the company and its human team. The success of any business project will only persist over time if all of its parts share it as a common goal. JMA continues to lead the market after 80 years thanks to this two-way commitment.

JMA has procedures in place to ensure its employees can develop their full potential. It encourages training and skill improvement, as well as their health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

ISO 45001

Occupational Risk Prevention is an essential part of the brand’s business policy. Every employee and all decision-makers at JMA are involved in this policy. It is not a question of merely meeting the minimum requirements contained in such regulations as OHSAS, but rather of constantly assessing all matters related to occupational health and safety and incorporating the improvements proposed by the human team at JMA.

In terms of the outward-looking social commitment from JMA, the company is aware of its role as a heavily internationalised brand. It has therefore been working for decades on developing a production system based on sustainable development and environmental respect.

JMA was the first global key manufacturer to obtain ISO 14001 Certification for its Environmental Management System. That was back in 2000. Today, two decades on, its commitment to looking after the natural world is even stronger and involves constant updates so that its processes leave the smallest footprint possible on the environment.

ISO 14001


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