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EvoXpert: transponder duplication and remote control key pre-programming

EvoXpert: transponder duplication and remote control key pre-programming

September 14 2022

The JMA transponder technology range now includes a new duplicator machine, EVOXPERT, the “all-in-one” solution for cloning car keys. 

This new cutting-edge device boasts two essential features for professionals: an ability to clone transponders and pre-program remote control keys; and an ability for the professional to take it with them wherever they need to go.

Excellent transponder cloning capability
The new EVOXPERT offers greater transponder copying capabilities than its predecessor, the TRS5000 Evo. Its technology has also been designed to accept any new transponder models that may be launched to market in the future.

Pre-programming of remote control keys
Another outstanding feature is its ability to pre-program remote control vehicle keys. With that in mind, JMA is launching this machine alongside three remote control key models that can be used to copy over 600 different original remote controls. The models in question are the KRC100, the KRC200 (with a retractable key blade) and the KRC300 (suitable for keyless entry systems).

Maximum autonomy and mobility
The new EVOXPERT machine is ready for professionals to take it wherever they need to use it, even inside the vehicle for which a key is being duplicated. This significantly simplifies and shortens any cloning process that requires sniffing (the collection of data from the vehicle computer), a proprietary system of JMA transponder technology.
The machine can be operated online via a web app and accessed from multiple devices (PC, mobile, tablet) without needing to install any software. The machine is very easy to use and is explained step-by-step in the app.
The EVOXPERT machine is battery powered, which further boosts its autonomy and mobility.


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