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SUPRACODE: the electronic key duplicator for the most demanding professionals

SUPRACODE: the electronic key duplicator for the most demanding professionals

June 09 2022

JMA presents SUPRACODE, its new and most advanced electronic duplicator for security and vehicle keys. 

JMA has designed this machine for key cutting professionals looking for faster and more precise results. Furthermore, the new features on SUPRACODE make it one of the most advanced machines in the market.

Copying and engraving in a single machine
One of the most important new features of SUPRACODE is its ability to cut and engrave keys without needing to change the clamp. Besides the convenience that this brings to the workplace, it makes this machine clearly stand out from other solutions in the market. JMA has developed a rapid, silent and precise engraving system that guarantees perfect key customisation options.

Maximum efficiency with the flexible cutting system
Another essential new feature of SUPRACODE is its flexible coding system for security keys. With this system, the movements of the machine adapt to the chosen coding system to maximise device efficiency. The vertical cutter motion leads to faster cutting, while the circular motion means that more types of key can be produced with fewer cutters.

New JMAKEYPRO 2.0 app and cloud connection
The SUPRACODE machine works alongside the new JMAKEYPRO 2.0 app installed on the tablet atop the machine. The latest version of this app not only offers an easier and more intuitive interface by clearly explaining the steps in each process but also includes a faster search system and faster data management. 
The app is synched with JMACloudPRO, the first cloud-based key duplication app. This means that, just like our Multicode machine, SUPRACODE can be used in the cloud. Professionals can securely store all the data about copies made for their customers and access those data from any other cloud-compatible device. Furthermore, JMACloudPRO also offers the option to import key mastering plans and to cut the corresponding keys.

Accessories that boost performance
The new SUPRACODE is compatible with a series of accessories that will ensure you make the very most of your machine. These include specific clamps for cutting special keys from various manufacturers and the easily installed X-VAC swarf aspiration kit. 

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