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JMA showcases updated range of remote controls at ELF in Finland

JMA showcases updated range of remote controls at ELF in Finland

July 06 2023

Besides attending the trade fair with its own stand, JMA also gave an informative seminar to highlight the technology in JMA remote controls.

The event in Helsinki (Finland) on 8 and 9 June was highly successful for the Basque company. JMA showcased its broad range of products at the convention while also enjoying the opportunity to strengthen commercial ties with European distributors and local locksmiths. 

JMA gave a seminar on remote controls

The JMA professionals who travelled to the event gave a technical and commercial training session on the remote controls available from JMA, as well as the technology they use in the market. This presentation was used to answer questions from the audience and to open new lines of business through the new access solutions that JMA brings to the remote control sector. 

New JMA remote controls

As was to be expected, this edition of ELF was a great opportunity to present the recently launched M-NOVA PRO remote controls and the new range of CUSTOM remote controls. M-NOVA PRO is the latest generation of remote controls, which improves on the built-in technology, the copying system and design of its M-NOVA predecessor. Up to four remote controls can be copied onto a single one of these devices by duplicating fixed codes (95% of those available in the market) and rolling codes using either a wireless technique or a cable connected to a PC. All of this comes in a new, more dynamic and exciting design. 

In turn, the new line of CUSTOM remote controls meets the needs of certain specific markets where the latest technologies being used by certain original remote controls must be made compatible or adapted. The M-TC, M-BS and M-PEARL are the first remote controls from this range, which can be used for the ATA® PTX5 Triocode and B&D® Tritran, Hormann® Bisecure and Sommer® Pearl remote controls, respectively. 

Other JMA products

Besides its remote controls, JMA also presented its electronic key duplicators (such as the Supracode and Multicode), which awoke strong interest among those attending the event thanks to the new JMA KEY PRO 2.0 app version, among other things. This latest version of the app offers new copy functions, improvements to the interface and greater simplicity in the duplication process. 


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