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New update for JMA KEY PRO 2.0 expands SUPRACODE features

New update for JMA KEY PRO 2.0 expands SUPRACODE features

June 01 2023

JMA is launching a new version of the JMA KEY PRO 2.0 app to offer new key duplication functions and improvements to the interface, making it easier to use. 

The new Supracode Key Pro 2.0 app, improves and expands a number of features. The improved visual design offers users a cleaner, more intuitive and dynamic interface making operation far simpler. The app is always accessible, guiding the user and showing them the steps to follow throughout the process. 

New features include faster processing, which speeds up key duplication and engraving. The database now automatically updates when launching the program, ensuring users can be confident that they are always working with the latest data added to the JMA catalogue. 

“Cutting tree” function: the solution for broken keys

The new software includes a way to recover the bitting code for snapped or worn keys. Simply enter the key data into the app and the system will return all the possible cutting combinations for the selected product. This is the latest tool from JMA to resolve a common problem faced by professionals.

New more precise marking system 

Marking keys will now be easier and more intuitive with the new, updated app. The engraving setup now uses touch controls to drag and position the engraving to the place required. This means that SUPRACODE will offer greater user interaction and increased precision. 



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