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JMA updates and expands its range of remote controls

JMA updates and expands its range of remote controls

May 04 2023

With the addition of several custom remote controls and a new version of one of its most versatile devices, JMA has updated and expanded its range of these products. 

The additions include a new version of the M-NOVA PRO with extra features and a refreshed design, and the new series of specific remote controls aimed at copying certain remotes currently available in the market. 

These new products clearly reflect the commitment from JMA to the remote controls segment. Over recent years, JMA has successfully adapted to the growing market demand for remote controls by exponentially broadening its range of remote door control solutions. 


JMA launches its new version of the M-NOVA remote controls: the M-NOVA PRO. This updated remote control copies fixed codes (95% of those available in the market) and rolling codes, which can be found in use for garage doors, window and security shutters or automatic and remote-controlled doors. The four buttons enable four remote controls to be copied onto a single device. 

This re-launch brings two major new features: a new updated, dynamic and active design; and greater adaptability to different copying methods. Besides the well-known wireless copy method, M-NOVA PRO also offers the option to copy remote controls via a connection to PC software. 


This new range of custom remote controls seeks compatibility with the newest technologies used in the latest original remote controls. These technologies require specifically compatible remote controls that are exclusively designed for each original remote control that uses them. JMA has therefore launched a new range of specifically compatible remote controls for each one of these next-gen devices in the market.

The first remote controls from this range released to market will be:
M-TC: A remote control compatible with the ATA PTX5 Triocode and B&D Tritran original remote controls.
M-BS: A remote control compatible with the Hormann Bisecure original remote control.
M-PEARL: A remote control compatible with the Sommer Pearl original remote control.


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