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JMA resumes its trade fair activity by attending SICUR 2022

JMA resumes its trade fair activity by attending SICUR 2022

April 19 2022

The return of SICUR represents the return of one of the most important trade fairs in the European security sector. Held every two years, this event has returned to the physical world and resumed its standard trade fair cycle, something that has no doubt been warmly welcomed by the sector. JMA once again took part in the latest edition of the International Security Exhibition.

This professional event is held at the IFEMA trade fair complex in Madrid and attracted numerous agents and professionals from the security sector and, more specifically, locksmithing specialists. It was precisely in the space provided for the latter where JMA put its stand, in the locksmithing section organised by the FAECS association. JMA would like to express its gratitude and praise for the hard work and expertise required to organise such a successful event. 

Visitors were able to get up close and personal with all the products and new items that JMA offers in its catalogue; a range of products that includes electronic duplicator machines and remote controls. 

JMA presents its new electronic duplicator machine, Supracode

The new electronic duplicator machine from JMA, Supracode, will be launched to market in March. For that reason, the brand wanted to use the SICUR trade fair to raise the profile of this professional solution that offers a major technological leap forward in key duplication and engraving with the application of code cutting and the decoding of high-security and car keys. Furthermore, it is the first machine in the market that includes a device for engraving text onto the key grip without any action required by the operator, fully automatically. This product generated significant interest from the locksmithing tradesmen attending the event, as an extensive and demanding service can now be offered from a single machine.

JMA also had its diverse range of key cutting machines on display at the event, including the Multicode electronic duplicator machine and its quick and compact solution to copying flat keys, security keys and car keys. This machine was a clear favourite among visitors.

Great success for JMA remote controls

In terms of remote controls, the SR and M-BT remote controls continue to enjoy great success. In particular, the M-BT remote control offers the option to work with the jmaremotes.pro app, meaning this remote control is considered the most complete product in the market in terms of copy options and ease-of-use.

However, both remote controls demonstrate a strong ability to adapt to the frequencies used in different markets, such as fixed codes and rolling codes. The simplicity with which a remote control can be generated and copied means that JMA remote controls are user-friendly products that can be used by all sorts of clients, offering the ability to copy a remote control without needing to use a machine. 


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