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JMA boosts its presence in Australian market

JMA boosts its presence in Australian market

November 10 2022

JMA attended the 40th MLAA trade show alongside SIEPER. The event took place in the city of Gold Coast (Queensland) from 20 to 22 October. 

The professional gathering, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the trade show, also coincided with the special celebrations for the 70th anniversary of SIEPER, the JMA distributor in Australia. The partnership between these two companies has been consistently growing over the years and is reflected by the commitment made by JMA to the country. 

JMA is very pleased with its results from the MLAA Expo. JMA is firmly committed to adapting to a highly specific and demanding Australian market with its own characteristics and technical specifications. This event provided a stage for JMA to reveal its customised products to the Australian locksmithing market. 

Multicode compatible with Instacode

Among the unique characteristics of the Australian market is its use of Instacode, a piece of software for connecting to electronic machine databases that is different from the one used in Europe. JMA has therefore adapted its electronic Multicode machine to the characteristics of this system, guaranteeing a machine that is fully compatible with Instacode. 

The choice to adapt Multicode to the needs of the Australian market is in no way a coincidence because it is the all-in-one machine from the company for duplicating flat, security and car keys. Increased versatility with strong precision, speed and power capabilities.  

M-TC remote control, an exclusive JMA product suitable only for Australia

The M-TC remote control is another demonstration of the commitment from JMA to the Australian market. This JMA device is unique and has been specifically developed for Australia to meet local regulations and is tailored to the needs and characteristics of the market. 

The event was used to present this remote control, as well as the now widespread M-BT remote controls that are also available in Australia. By using these two devices, up to 95% of all original codes can be copied. Besides the product reveal, time was also spent explaining the cloning process and its characteristics to offer some valuable training to professionals.   



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