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Innovation is a key value within the JMA philosophy. The human team behind our brand is committed to ongoing improvement in its processes, products and services, with a focus always firmly fixed on customer needs.

Electronics, connectivity, mobile technology and the Internet are key factors within the JMA commitment to innovation. The market demands technological solutions with significant added value and the brand incorporates these into its various product lines via its Engineering and R&D department.

A fine example of the work coming out of this department is the first cloud-based app for key duplication: JMACloudPro. This tool enables professionals to keep records of all the keys cut at their business, import key mastering plans, access updates to the JMA online keys catalogue, etc. JMACloudPro simplifies and expedites the work of hardware and locksmithing professionals, thereby boosting productivity.

JMA has incorporated mobile technology solutions into its line of remote controls for garages, gates and access points. It has developed its own mobile apps that enable original remote controls to be duplicated using the JMARemotesPro app.

The brand has also developed apps for opening doors with a smartphone. The JMARemotesUser (for the M-BT model), which enables several different users to open the same access point using their mobile, and the JMARemoteSlim apps are two examples of this technology. The latter can be used with the BT Slim model.

The brand is firmly committed to innovation. JMA will continue working hard to offer the best solutions to meet the technology demands coming from the market.


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