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Highly successful JMA training sessions in Barcelona

Highly successful JMA training sessions in Barcelona

June 14 2022

JMA took part in several training events in Barcelona on 24 and 25 May, at which the company took the opportunity to present its range of remote controls and electronic machines to attendees. 

The events took place at the central office buildings of QF+ and EHLIS in Barbera del Valles and Parets del Valles (Barcelona), respectively. The sessions to which JMA was also invited were attended by the partners and associates of these two hardware product distribution companies. JMA thanked both the organisers and the attendees for how well the company was received. Three training sessions were provided in total, which were enjoyed by a sizeable number of people interested in the subject matter.

The event was a great human and commercial success, offering an excellent opportunity to present the products and latest innovations available from JMA to locksmithing professionals first-hand and to answer all sorts of questions about how these systems work. 

Advanced key duplication technology

The electronic machines from JMA offer several versatile key duplication methods. The Supracode and Multicode machines were presented at both training sessions. 

Supracode is the new electronic key duplication machine that JMA recently brought to market. Aimed at the most demanding professionals, this is the first ever machine that offers key cutting and engraving options on a single device without the need to switch clamps. Furthermore, Supracode offers more precise, faster and simpler cutting of security and vehicle keys.

In turn, Multicode is an electronic machine with several years of history in the market and offers a more flexible solution for hardware businesses. Its multi-functional nature means it can copy flat, security and vehicle keys without needing to adjust the machine. This feature continues to guarantee success for the machine after all these years.

Program remote controls from your smartphone

Another core aspect of the training sessions provided by JMA was aimed at showing how its remote controls work, as well as presenting the wide range of garage door control systems available in its catalogue. With that in mind, the team from JMA took various remote control and receiver models with them to the event so they could show the different copy modes available on the M-BT remote control and how these remote controls work, answering any questions or queries from the attendees. 


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