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A great reception for the new plant in Mexico

A great reception for the new plant in Mexico

November 15 2022

JMA Mexico unveils its renovated production plant to customers and distributors. This unveiling took place at an event organised by the factory at JMA Mexico in the city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco. The event was attended by a number of customers and distributors in Mexico and Latin America. 

On 13 October, JMA organised an event to unveil its renovated production plant in Mexico. The goal was to showcase the equipment, machinery and advanced technology that the company has installed there and to underline the quality and production capacity guarantees that JMA offers to its customers. 

The overhaul carried out during 2020 and 2021 has led to enormous progress and a strong pledge from the company to the country, demonstrating its commitment to Mexico and the Americas overall. The progress has enabled huge strides in expediting distribution efforts, which translates into the strong supply capabilities that JMA offers to its customers and distributors. This strength turns the new JMA Mexico plant into a major logistics and productive hub for all America. 

Guests invited to the event were able to verify the guarantees offered by such a robust and responsive company as JMA, which offers all the best professional solutions to its customers. Furthermore, the same customers and distributors who visited the plant, were also able to see the huge changes made to the Mexican factory with their own eyes, witnessing the boost to growth and professionalism at the company in the central American country.

The event also served to strengthen business ties, as well as provide a platform for the exchange of opinions and impressions in the professional sector. Against an uncertain economic backdrop, JMA is once again demonstrating commitment and reliability to its customers and distributors, always offering the best professional solution for business. Llaves Altuna de México can therefore look forward to the future with great optimism, strength, dedication and a hard-working mentality. 


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